Our Facilities

Take a look at some of our capabilities

From our offices, to our fab shop, to our CAD-station, here’s some shots of our facilities

AXYZ Machine

This is the big-daddy machine that does all the custom cutting and routing for your custom paneling. We put a huge flat sheet of material on this, and the computer goes to work, ensuring the most precise cuts and sharpest angles.

AutoCAD Station

¬†This is where all the design work goes into bringing your blueprint to life. Our team of engineers painstakingly insert your drawing into an AutoCAD file, and render it until you’re satisifed.

Conference Room

We love meeting face-to-face with our clients to make sure you’re getting the service you need and the product you want. Here’s one of our meeting areas at our office space.


 Pictured is one of our three warehouses, where we have plenty of room to house your panels, build out elaborate designs, and store you pieces should any delay occur.